Why Millennials Love Las Vegas


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Subsequent to the recent killing of 58 innocent concert goers and the wounding of another 500 plus, Las Vegas has become a stronger more tightly knit community.

Photo Credit: lavacanza.in

Photo Credit: lavacanza.in

Las Vegas still maintains its high-profile status. Millennials hotspots like Portland and Pittsburgh may be attracting more attention, but Las Vegas holds a surprising amount of allure for younger people. In this post, we’ll tell you about the many reasons “America’s Playground” is becoming a popular place for Millennial tourists – and as a result, the city is becoming increasingly popular among Millennial home buyers.

Las Vegas is also known as “Sin City,” and the desert metropolis is most renowned for its world-class entertainment sector – glamorous Mega-resorts, with brightly lit Marquees, spectacular stage shows such as Cirque du Soleil, and – of course – casinos with rows and rows of slot machines which have morphed into the casino industry’s money machine making table games take a back seat to creating revenue.

However, Las Vegas has a lot more to offer than jackpots and showgirls – Millennial visitors and transplants are flocking to the city’s alternative pastimes, which run the gamut from rugged desert tours to haute local fusion cuisine, from yoga classes in high-rise studios overlooking the neon-lit skyline to bustling clubs showcasing independent music acts.

Millennial traffic is digitally-aware traffic, and social media sharing is transforming the traditional image of Las Vegas nationwide. The Facebook generation not only consumes a wide variety of tourist experiences but creates exhaustive social media narratives about their travels. This new generation of visitors is savvy, vocal, and discerning. So, what do Millennials love about Las Vegas?

The Great Outdoors
Las Vegas is an oasis – from the air, it looks like a radiant jewelry box spilling out across the desert sand. Millennials have found themselves drawn to the breathtaking scenery surrounding the city lights, and they’ve found plenty of offerings for the outdoor adventure travel enthusiast. Even though it’s best known for urbane entertainments, the city is surrounded by rugged pristine panorama, including mountains, canyons, and glimmering Lake Mead. The adventure and nature tourism industry in Las Vegas has expanded in recent years, with options ranging from helicopter flights over the mesa to jeep tours to hiking and zip line courses. For clients who’d like to get away from the desert proper, options include kayak, rafting, and hiking tours down the sweeping Colorado River.

Eat Local
Millennials are known for valuing food enough to record every meal for posterity, but their sense of luxury dining is a bit different from their parents’ and grandparents’ generation. Millennials prize new and unique culinary experiences. They prefer not to visit the renowned haute cuisine restaurant where it takes days or weeks to get a reservation. These visitors are much more excited about the idea of discovering a hidden treasure, or being part of a select group of discerning clientele, or being the first to try out a hot new dining trend. Las Vegas has long been famous for big-ticket menus and celebrity chefs, but it’s also home to any number of quirky artisanal eateries and chic cafes. The newly revitalized downtown area as well as Henderson or Summerlin are excellent places to search out local favorites.

Awesome Entertainment
Las Vegas might be best known for Elvis impersonators, lounge acts, and Cirque du Soleil extravaganzas, but the city’s bar scene is hosting some of the most innovative and on-trend musical groups in the country. Las Vegas boasts a surprising range of nightclubs and bars, too – speakeasy-style lounges, gastropubs, creative cocktail bars, and craft breweries are springing up across the city. Las Vegas has a reputation for wild parties – which is why it’s a traditional favorite for bachelor and bachelorette blowouts – but these establishments cater to a slightly quieter crowd, providing the perfect spot for a Friday happy-hour excursion or a Sunday-morning round of mimosas.

The Gang’s All Here

Photo Credit: Destination360.com

Photo Credit: Destination360.com

Group getaways are trending among younger travelers, and hotels are responding to offer sprawling, laidback hotel suites to comfortably host groups of four to twelve travelers. These summer-camp-like suites include bunks, sectional sofas, pool and foosball tables, and roomy patios. Some might even offer private pools. Savvy hoteliers are adding to these accommodations with group-oriented on-site activities like yoga classes, bowling alley bars, beer gardens, and spacious outdoor entertainment venues for a rotating cohort of performing artists. Look for these group-oriented hospitality venues to start offering an expanded list of off-site activities, including city tours, pub crawls, and desert excursions.

Less Is More
Yes, even in Vegas. “Sin City,” home of luxurious casinos and glittering resort-style hotels, has long been associated with Xanadu-like entertainments – the city’s own branding, including slogans like “What Happens in Vegas Stays in Vegas” encourages this big-spender sensibility. But many Millennial visitors have different tastes. Their sense of true value is somewhat less associated with the conspicuous consumption that embodied luxury and excess in the sixties and the eighties. More and more, they see smaller venues, local ownership, and artisanal craftsmanship as signs of uniquely valuable experiences. Las Vegas’s hospitality and entertainment sectors are responding to this divergent ethos by offering a new array of entertainments to appeal to this new type of consumer of the future. The result is a local business sector with growing opportunities for entrepreneurs and creators – and a regenerated residential real estate sector that’s already expanding to serve Millennials who want to set down roots in this resplendent desert city.

Las Vegas shows no signs of losing the exuberant culture and spectacular entertainments that made it the nation’s favorite place to party – but Millennial visitors are inspiring a whole new dimension to Nevada’s most famous city, and this growing demographic is constantly changing the face of local culture for generations to come.

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