Luxury Homes and Property to be Available Soon with New Summerlin Development

Big things continue to happen in Summerlin. Besides the development of a major retail center, talks of developing a brand new state of the art sports arena, and new office space, now comes word of the development of a portion of Summerlin property that will most likely be the most expensive real estate in town.

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Summerlin has long been an excellent destination for upscale living in Las Vegas, but the area also has something for just about every type of Las Vegas real estate buyer.  For example, if you search the MLS for available properties in Summerlin, you’ll see prices ranging from $74K to well into the millions.

The new Summerlin development won’t break ground until 2015, but that doesn’t mean you can’t start taking action now. Contact us now for our take on the Las Vegas real estate market and you’ll understand better how great it is to own a home in Las Vegas!