Las Vegas Global Economic Alliance Hopes to Lure New Amazon Headquarters to Las Vegas


News recently broke that internet giant Amazon is looking to relocate their headquarters to another city. As of today, they have received more than 200 proposals from places that want to host its new headquarters. Which city will they chose? The folks at the HQ2 Vegas Amazon Working Group – a broad based coalition of economic development agencies – is hoping it’ll be Las Vegas. They are using the hashtag “#Amazon2Vegas” to promote their latest video, which you can view below:

Why Las Vegas? According to the above video:

Las Vegas is a spectacular city built on hopes, dreams, and a bit of moxey. It is one of the most recognized brands in the world – and Vegas is so much more! This is an energetic diverse city of vision that keeps reinventing itself and becoming more and more innovative and expansive every day. It is filled with entrepreneurs and fast moving industries that are constantly creating new enterprises and strategies for growth. 56,000 businesses and 980,000 workers reside here – a mecca for youthful fresh energy and new business ideas.

amazonvegasAn attractive cost of living, great lifestyle, and favorable tax structure brings in 4,000 new residents every month. Our business communities believe there are no boundaries. Anything is possible. Just look at the architecture – it tells you this place has no limits!

And what a cool place to live! There is a never ending list of exciting ways for its 2.2 million citizens to enjoy their lives. This city provides world-class entertainment, recreation, theater, arts, music, restaurants, sports, and events. Enjoying the outdoors is a big part of what makes Vegas an amazing experience.

Las Vegas also has a huge heart. Our community is extremely strong and resilient. Recession, housing crisis, and yes tragedy have all in brief moments defined Las Vegas. But everyone in Vegas knows that nothing will keep this city down. We are indeed, #VegasStrong

Amazon and Las Vegas are a perfect fit for each other. Both were created through brilliant vision and pure imagination – and both are constantly getting bigger and better. Las Vegas has a habit of thinking big! We solve problems. We build communities. We grow business. We open the world with open arms. Throughout the year, the leaders of every fortune 500 company and every business sector come through Las Vegas to discuss and conduct business. Las Vegas is the city where many future innovations and advancements are introduced at industry conventions and trade shows. Las Vegas is the only city in the world that evolved to host people – and often the people we host change the world!

Las Vegas cultivates dynamic leaders who continually make significant investments to elevate our great quality of life such as a new world class performing arts center… two new medical schools to expand access to quality healthcare… and a new interstate that directly connects Las Vegas to Phoenix.

Las Vegas is a hotspot of innovation. As a home to Switch – a global technology infrastructure company composed of hyperscale data centers enabling the most powerful technology system on the planet – Las Vegas is well-positioned to become a catalyst for the most advanced smart-city technology in America.

There’s great anticipation about the continued economic prosperity of Southern Nevada. We’re excited about partnering with the Las Vegas Global Economic Alliance, companies like Cox Communications are steadfast in their commitment to support continued growth through a shared vision of business prosperity and advanced technology solutions based on a dense network of deep fiber.

The City thrives on boundless imagination and creativity that not only fuels the economy, but also makes Las Vegas a place where people want to visit, live, and raise their family. UNLV is the most diverse college campus in the United States, mirroring Las Vegas’ diverse community. They have created a high quality, high impact educational environment in Las Vegas all the way from the K-through-12 stem pipeline to the school of medicine and UNLV’s top-ranked school of hospitality. UNLV gives their students opportunities that open doors, preparing innovators and entrepreneurs to excel in today’s global marketplace. In Las Vegas, it’s not just a job to us, it’s in our DNA. It’s who we are.

Southern Nevada is focused on a sustainable future. Environmental stewardship is something we take pride in by embracing clean energy, recycling and new innovations in maximizing our resources. It ensures that current and future generations have a thriving city to live, work, and play in.

Much like Amazon, Las Vegas is truly unique. There’s simply no other city like Vegas in the world! It’s transformation from a pioneering railroad stop just 100 years ago to an iconic international city full of future forward businesses is a result of big thinking and bold action. Amazon and Las Vegas are a winning hand! Contact us to live the vision!

Why Millennials Love Las Vegas


(This post was contributed by Real Estate Experts, your source for information on Hillsborough Realty).

Subsequent to the recent killing of 58 innocent concert goers and the wounding of another 500 plus, Las Vegas has become a stronger more tightly knit community.

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Las Vegas still maintains its high-profile status. Millennials hotspots like Portland and Pittsburgh may be attracting more attention, but Las Vegas holds a surprising amount of allure for younger people. In this post, we’ll tell you about the many reasons “America’s Playground” is becoming a popular place for Millennial tourists – and as a result, the city is becoming increasingly popular among Millennial home buyers.

Las Vegas is also known as “Sin City,” and the desert metropolis is most renowned for its world-class entertainment sector – glamorous Mega-resorts, with brightly lit Marquees, spectacular stage shows such as Cirque du Soleil, and – of course – casinos with rows and rows of slot machines which have morphed into the casino industry’s money machine making table games take a back seat to creating revenue.

However, Las Vegas has a lot more to offer than jackpots and showgirls – Millennial visitors and transplants are flocking to the city’s alternative pastimes, which run the gamut from rugged desert tours to haute local fusion cuisine, from yoga classes in high-rise studios overlooking the neon-lit skyline to bustling clubs showcasing independent music acts.

Millennial traffic is digitally-aware traffic, and social media sharing is transforming the traditional image of Las Vegas nationwide. The Facebook generation not only consumes a wide variety of tourist experiences but creates exhaustive social media narratives about their travels. This new generation of visitors is savvy, vocal, and discerning. So, what do Millennials love about Las Vegas?

The Great Outdoors
Las Vegas is an oasis – from the air, it looks like a radiant jewelry box spilling out across the desert sand. Millennials have found themselves drawn to the breathtaking scenery surrounding the city lights, and they’ve found plenty of offerings for the outdoor adventure travel enthusiast. Even though it’s best known for urbane entertainments, the city is surrounded by rugged pristine panorama, including mountains, canyons, and glimmering Lake Mead. The adventure and nature tourism industry in Las Vegas has expanded in recent years, with options ranging from helicopter flights over the mesa to jeep tours to hiking and zip line courses. For clients who’d like to get away from the desert proper, options include kayak, rafting, and hiking tours down the sweeping Colorado River.

Eat Local
Millennials are known for valuing food enough to record every meal for posterity, but their sense of luxury dining is a bit different from their parents’ and grandparents’ generation. Millennials prize new and unique culinary experiences. They prefer not to visit the renowned haute cuisine restaurant where it takes days or weeks to get a reservation. These visitors are much more excited about the idea of discovering a hidden treasure, or being part of a select group of discerning clientele, or being the first to try out a hot new dining trend. Las Vegas has long been famous for big-ticket menus and celebrity chefs, but it’s also home to any number of quirky artisanal eateries and chic cafes. The newly revitalized downtown area as well as Henderson or Summerlin are excellent places to search out local favorites.

Awesome Entertainment
Las Vegas might be best known for Elvis impersonators, lounge acts, and Cirque du Soleil extravaganzas, but the city’s bar scene is hosting some of the most innovative and on-trend musical groups in the country. Las Vegas boasts a surprising range of nightclubs and bars, too – speakeasy-style lounges, gastropubs, creative cocktail bars, and craft breweries are springing up across the city. Las Vegas has a reputation for wild parties – which is why it’s a traditional favorite for bachelor and bachelorette blowouts – but these establishments cater to a slightly quieter crowd, providing the perfect spot for a Friday happy-hour excursion or a Sunday-morning round of mimosas.

The Gang’s All Here

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Group getaways are trending among younger travelers, and hotels are responding to offer sprawling, laidback hotel suites to comfortably host groups of four to twelve travelers. These summer-camp-like suites include bunks, sectional sofas, pool and foosball tables, and roomy patios. Some might even offer private pools. Savvy hoteliers are adding to these accommodations with group-oriented on-site activities like yoga classes, bowling alley bars, beer gardens, and spacious outdoor entertainment venues for a rotating cohort of performing artists. Look for these group-oriented hospitality venues to start offering an expanded list of off-site activities, including city tours, pub crawls, and desert excursions.

Less Is More
Yes, even in Vegas. “Sin City,” home of luxurious casinos and glittering resort-style hotels, has long been associated with Xanadu-like entertainments – the city’s own branding, including slogans like “What Happens in Vegas Stays in Vegas” encourages this big-spender sensibility. But many Millennial visitors have different tastes. Their sense of true value is somewhat less associated with the conspicuous consumption that embodied luxury and excess in the sixties and the eighties. More and more, they see smaller venues, local ownership, and artisanal craftsmanship as signs of uniquely valuable experiences. Las Vegas’s hospitality and entertainment sectors are responding to this divergent ethos by offering a new array of entertainments to appeal to this new type of consumer of the future. The result is a local business sector with growing opportunities for entrepreneurs and creators – and a regenerated residential real estate sector that’s already expanding to serve Millennials who want to set down roots in this resplendent desert city.

Las Vegas shows no signs of losing the exuberant culture and spectacular entertainments that made it the nation’s favorite place to party – but Millennial visitors are inspiring a whole new dimension to Nevada’s most famous city, and this growing demographic is constantly changing the face of local culture for generations to come.

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This is a very unique one of a kind opportunity for a very spacious well equipped medical office with high ceilings. It is currently an OB/GYN Practice, however the doctor is retiring.


There is a beautifully furnished waiting area and separate reception area with a total seating of 26 seats with new carpet, 3 exam rooms, a doctor’s assistant and a separate billing office.

The reception area has a large admin office and an additional break room. There current exists two medical restrooms and the existing equipment is very functional including exam tables. There’s 2500 sq ft of space, abundant parking and frontage on Eastern – This is a high traffic area, located on a great corner between Oakey and Charleston.

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Agent Testimonial – Allan Herman


Here’s another testimonial for Allan Herman from another happy client:

allan1[1]My wife and I have purchased and sold several homes over the years and worked with many realtors. Never have we received the level of customer service than we did with Allan Herman. Allan helped us purchase a house and sell our existing home.

He was with us every step of the way and treated our money as if it were his money. This was during Allan’s busiest time of the year yet we were made to feel that we were his only clients. Now, not only are we clients but consider Allan a good friend.

We highly recommend Allan Herman of All Vegas Valley Realty.

Thank you,

– Read and Carol Schrotel

Another Happy Client Gives ALL Vegas Valley Agents a Great Testimonial


Please read the below testimonial for Frank and Cameron DeAngelo:

frank-new[2]As a wealth management professional the corner stones of my success have been my market experience, commitment to my clients, and portfolio performance. When it came time to find a home for my mother I wanted a broker to represent me with the same business commitment that I bring to my clients.

Frank and Cameron DeAngelo represented me and found the ideal home for my Mother. This was accomplished by spending the time with us to gain an understanding of our desires and needs. The success of this 1st transaction and the quality of their professional practice has given me the confidence to use their talents to find a second Henderson home for me, now that it is time for me to be closer to my mother.

cameron[1]The quality of their characters makes it a pleasure to call them my dearest Las Vegas friends. I hold Frank and Cameron in the highest professional and personal esteem and I would recommend them to anyone seeking representation in a real estate transaction.


Dan Osborne
Managing Director & Portfolio Manager
Major Wall Street Firm

When it comes time for your next real estate transaction, make sure you contact us at All Vegas Valley Realty or call us at 702-541-8300 where you’ll consistently get the same expert representation that Mr. Osborne received from our office, specifically from Frank and Cameron DeAngelo.

Understand the “Know Before You Owe” Mortgage Disclosure Rule (TRID)


The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) has some interesting information on the process of owning a home that every home buyer and real estate broker/agent should be aware of. In addition, they’ve also developed a mortgage initiative (also known as “Know Before You Owe”) which was designed to help consumers understand their loan options, shop for the mortgage that’s best for them, and avoid costly surprises at the closing table.

knowbeforeyouoweThe mortgage process has changed. With the “Know Before You Owe” mortgage disclosure rule, homebuyers will see new mortgage disclosure forms and have time to review their paperwork before signing. To help you transition to these changes and to ensure smooth and on-time closings, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau has created a guide just for real estate professionals which you can download here.

As your clients’ trusted resource, it is important that agents and brokers understand these changes and can guide clients through the home buying process. The TILA-RESPA Integrated Disclosure rule is part of the larger “Know Before You Owe” mortgage initiative. The rule consolidates some of the required loan disclosures and changes the timing of some of the activities in the mortgage process. It will go into effect October 3. This guide from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau will help to ensure smooth and on-time closings for both real estate agents and their clients.

The National Association of Women in Real Estate Business have also provided some interesting information as a direct outreach with the CFPB. As you may know, they’ve just launched their update to the “Owning a Home” suite of tools and resources, and they’ve updated their “Know Before You Owe” mortgage initiative page to help consumers navigate the mortgage process. Real estate professionals play a key role in a home buyer’s experience, so it’s important everyone understands these resources and information to help you communicate with your colleagues and clients. Below you will find the latest and hottest TRID update on the “Know Before you Owe” mortgage initiative as well as links to a variety of resources to share:

In short, the “Know Before You Owe” mortgage initiative was designed to empower consumers with the information they need to make informed mortgage choices. The goal of these TRID resource materials and guides are to educate all real estate professionals and clients on the new disclosures so that everyone understands the new mortgage disclosure rule. If you should have any questions or need clarification on any of this, we at All Vegas Valley Realty are happy to assist. Please contact us online or call us directly at 702-541-8300.

Who is Frank DeAngelo?


Frank DeAngelo has been a Las Vegas Resident for 52 years. Frank is a “Jersey Guy” whose both parents were both born of Italian immigrants. He was raised in the military until he was 16, his father being a lifetime military man and retired as a Lieutenant Colonel from the US Army.

frank-new[2]When Frank first came to Vegas, there were only about 100,000 people living in the Las Vegas Valley. It was quite a culture shock (one reason being there was no shortage of dirt roads). It was quite an eye opener on his second day in town when he went looking for the driver of a jeep that broadsided and totaled his paid-for Oldsmobile his first night in town at the corner of 3rd and Carson only to discover there were no addresses on Flamingo Rd. and no address given by the driver and who had no insurance. Since Frank’s bankroll was only $75, it kind of locked in his fate that he would be a Vegas resident for some time. What a welcome!

At the time, there were only 7 major strip casinos and several downtown casinos and also quite a few what they call in the gaming industry “Sawdust Joints” which were small gaming traps. Frank Sinatra and his sidekicks appeared here on a regular basis.

“I remember seeing Frank at the Sands Hotel for a whopping $7.50 – That’s right, seven dollars and fifty cents!” says Frank.

At the time of his arrival, Frank was a top notch hair stylist and had the opportunity to work on a lot of female celebrity clients and the wives of many male celebrities. It was a real blast in those days. There were some serious experiences. Since lounges were huge venues for entertainment, the lounges were bristling with top name performers of the time and .65 cents was the price of a drink in a lounge where a lot of the entertainers performed. $7.50 was a top price in any show.

Frank chose to leave the hair industry after owning a salon for several years and decided to segway into the gaming industry while also getting his license to practice real estate. Real estate just wasn’t his cup of tea at the time, so he stuck with the gaming business. After a couple of years of applying himself to learning the ropes, Frank was fortunate enough to have some of the best jobs in town. It wasn’t long before he had climbed the ranks and became one of those “guys in a suit” which in those days meant you had to know what you were doing.

Frank has some great gaming stories. He traveled to Lake Tahoe to work in the Baccarat game at King’s Castle hotel before returning to Vegas to end up a backup shift manager in the big Baccarat game at the Sands Hotel where Frank and Sammy often appeared. From there, he went over to the Riviera Hotel and onto the old Sahara Hotel (now the SLS) where he managed the “21” pit and Baccarat.

Frank most recently, in the mid 90’s, did a stint on a management team in an effort to open casino gaming in Red China followed by a 3 year experience helping to manage an Indian casino in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Frank has traveled all through Europe including Spain, Italy, Switzerland, Portugal; Morocco, Germany and England. Acapulco, Mexico was a regular weekend break. He does speak German fairly well and some Italian.

In 1999 upon returning from New Mexico Frank decided to go back into real estate and in no time became an award winning agent with Century 21 as one of their top agents in the Southwest. From there he joined RE/Max for another five years. He is presently hanging his license at ALL Vegas Valley Realty where his wife, Cameron DeAngelo is the owner/Broker. Cameron and Frank met in 1999 and married in 2006. Cameron has an extensive history of working in the legal field in a position of Legal Investigator in Seattle, Washington, her home state and place of birth. Frank says she’s a smart cookie and the ultimate professional.

Frank has sold properties from $30,000 Repo’s to million dollar homes and buildings. He also has a long list of medical clients he has represented over the last 15 years who are not only clients but friends. He says everyone gets the same service whether it’s a small condo or a million dollar luxury home or high rise.

Frank has also delved in the acting profession with some forty to fifty film and television productions to his credit and has worked with such stars as John Goodman. James Garner and Dennis Farina to name a few. (Loved Garner and knew Dennis well). Not to mention the fact that he wrote a book “Casinos Coast to Coast” that was published in 1999. The book only sold 4,000 copies but Frank’s take is it was a heck of an accomplishment.

Frank has a collection of Las Vegas lore in his personal file including gaming stories, Las Vegas Mob stories and some of the local characters Frank knew that produced other “good guy, bad guy” stories. The thing about all Frank’s stories is; They are all true.

For top notch personal assistance in finding real estate property or properties that meet your personal criteria whether you are buying or leasing contact Frank at 702-499-0432. You’ll enjoy the experience and if nothing else you’ll get the “real” story.

More Impressive Testimonials for Linda Sunada


The newest member of our team at All Vegas Valley Realty is Linda Sunada, who brings with her a long list of happy clients. Read just a few testimonials about what clients have to say about her:

lindasunata“Linda was the consummate professional. She was very patient with my husband and I. We were very particular with what we wanted and she was always available. She knew the niche neighborhoods that we liked, that previous realtors had very little knowledge on. Lastly, she was very honest and open throughout the entire process.”

-C. Dove

“You can stop looking around for a Real Estate agent. Linda will be the best agent you can find and I am 100 % certain that you won’t find anyone else better than her. We were first time buyers and were guided through the whole process with such care and professionalism. She completely blew us away with her professionalism, intelligence, and knowledge in her field. Also, she was available to us basically every second of every day, even over the holidays. Furthermore, she was totally committed to us finding a place that made us happy. It was such a pleasure working with Linda and we highly recommend her if you are thinking about buying or selling a home! We consider ourselves very lucky to have found her! Thank you so much Linda!”

-H. Claeson

“I went through Linda when I wanted to try making a few bucks flipping a house. We found one fairly quickly, and once it was ready to sell she was able to sell it fast. By the time I got some of my first utility bills for the place it was already gone. I won’t waste my time speaking to anyone else but her in the future.”

-C. Marcy

Linda can be reached at her website, by calling her at (702) 324-7870 or by email here. Contact her today!

MGM AEG Arena Making CityCenter High Rise Condos Attractive


Yesterday’s Preview Las Vegas Event held at the Thomas & Mack Cox Pavillion painted a rosy picture of the future of Las Vegas. Besides the constant machine that brings tourists into town, real estate was another hot topic that was addressed by many of the presenters. And of course when you talk real estate, you talk about upcoming opportunities that you can potentially take advantage of.

Arena_Plaza_at_Night-md[1]One such newsworthy item is the opening of the $375 million MGM-AEG Arena, currently under construction at the site located behind the New York-New York casino hotel, which is scheduled to be completed in the spring of 2016. Condo buyers are seeing opportunities with luxury high rise condos that are now available at CityCenter.

Luxury high rise condos at Veer, Vdara, and Mandarin Oriental can capitalize on the potential of this sought-after venue that will undoubtedly host major events in Las Vegas, from sports to red-carpet events to concerts. All three of these CityCenter highrises will be connected to the new Arena through foot paths and rail systems.

Las Vegas is seeing a resurgence in the interest of high rises both as a primary living option as well as an investment opportunity. This new arena will happen, and perhaps should be the impetus for high net worth individuals to re-enter this market while prices are at their lowest in literally a decade. Consider the following availabilities:

The real estate team at All Vegas Valley Realty successfully brokered one of the first high rise condo projects on the Las Vegas Strip, so we know the Las Vegas high rise condo market. Contact us and let’s talk about how you can benefit from the development of the AEG Arena. You have 455 days left before it opens, but if you don’t act now, you may miss out on great units and prices from others who recognized this opportunity sooner!


Las Vegas Real Estate Agent Allan Herman Gets Another Stellar Testimonial


Proving once again that the agents at All Vegas Valley Realty are some of the best in Las Vegas, Allan Herman has received yet another amazing testimonial from a recent client. Lynda Nussbaum and Max Gakh go on to say:

To Whom It May Concern:

allan1[1]Allan Herman was referred to us by a number of colleagues, each of whom had purchased homes with Allan’s assistance and highly recommended working with him. We were not disappointed!

Neither of us had ever bought or owned a home before and we were also relatively new to the Las Vegas area. Allan proved responsive, professional, and conscientious. He painstakingly answered all our questions, from the most basic to complicated. On the rare occasion where Allan did not know an answer to a question, he would find out and follow up with us promptly.

Drawing upon his prior experience as a CPA and an adjunct professor teaching accounting, Allan taught us a tremendous amount. He gave us context and enabled us to have a better understanding of every stage of the home buying process, from how to understand neighborhood comps to the breakdown of closing costs, as well as the particulars of the Vegas real estate market. Allan was extremely responsive at all times of day and night and very accommodating of our schedules.

He was also forthright with his opinions were asked, We never felt pressured or thought he was imposing his criteria on us. Finally, when it came time to making offers and negotiating, Allan proved extremely skilled. His instincts and predictions consistently bore out. During closing, he meticulously reviewed all documents, making sure the numbers were correct and even catching a few errors.

We were very lucky to benefit from Allan’s expertise, flexibility, hard work, honest, and zealous negotiation skills. We felt like Allan was looking out for our interest and that we were in very good hands. We wholeheartedly recommend Allan, with absolutely no reservations.

Download the entire .pdf testimonial here. Allan can be contacted by email or by calling him direct at (702) 274-4430