It looks like the Marijuana Dispensary Industry is in overdrive. Frank DeAngel oof ALL Vegas Valley Realty recently represented his client in accepting a contingent lease agreement on 3055 square feet of space on Fort Apache Rd. for a Medical Marijuana Dispensary. The lease is subject to the Tenant acquiring formal licensing on June 5th from the State of Nevada. June 5th is the date when the state will announce who has been selected for licensing. The process is very long and tedious and expensive to acquire a  license for a dispensary or any other facet of the industry. The application is very thorough whether is be a single licensee applying or if there are more than one applicant involved in the application process. The history of each applicant will be scrutinized in depth.

Let’ see what the outcome is.

Frank also had a second inquiry regarding the same use on the east side of town but the property was 250 feet too close to a school property. That criteria to determine the distance from a school refers the property line of the property the school is located on and not just the location of the building.
We also represented Dr. Elroy Francis in his acquisition of a 1200 square foot space at 601 S. Rancho for his new Chiropractic practice.

Another interesting inquiry is a letter of Intent we received  for a warehouse space near Tropicana and Valley View. The proposed tenant is in the Adult Internet Movie Industry. All these negotiations have happened in the last few weeks and are an indication that All Vegas Valley is primed to do both Commercial and Residential real estate business. We at All Vegas Valley are a 24/7 company. Someone will always answer the phone and someone will always be either available or make themselves available to assist any and all inquirys.